Schedule changes, bowling, etc.

Just when you think everything is set in stone… it really isn’t.

If you’re like the Carbon Arc programming committee, you were thrilled when we announced last week that Anomalisa, the Oscar-nominated animation co-directed by Charlie Kaufman, was slated for a double screening on April 1.

But, unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen.

As I understand it, Carbon Arc’s unique technical set-up gave some folks on the other end cold feet about offering the film to us. However, if Carbon Arc continues to grow and upgrade its projection systems—as we one day hope to do—there’s every chance we’ll be able to screen films from the major Hollywood studios then. For now we’ll have to stick with the smaller, independent movies and their distributors. And that’s not so bad.

Case in point: On April 1 we’ve now slotted in Only Yesterday, a “lost” Studio Ghibli animation, first released 25 years ago but never available in North America. Given the popularity of the more recent Ghibli picture When Marnie Was There when Carbon Arc screened it last fall, we predict this vintage Japanese anime will be of real interest. (And we’re showing both the subtitled and the American dubbed versions.)


We’re also pleased to confirm that The Invitation, the new independent thriller from Girlfight and Jennifer’s Body director Karyn Kusama, is being screened on Friday, April 22nd at 9:30pm.

The story of a dinner party meeting of divorcees, this one has a genuinely creepy edge to it, which I think explains the later-in-the-evening screening time.


If you visit the Carbon Arc events site, you’ll see there are still a few open slots for screenings in April right to the end of our winter/spring season. Rest assured, we’re working hard to fit a few more films into those slots. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a few new features I’d love to screen for people, and as soon as they’re scheduled we’ll be letting you know.

And we hope to see you at The Brand New Testament and the encore screening of Embrace Of The Serpent this coming Friday.

What else have we been up to? The Carbon Arc volunteers spent last Friday night bowling. You know, film nerds aren’t necessarily the most athletic people (I’m speaking for myself here) but everyone loves to bowl. Don’t they?

Carbon Arc takes over Bowlarama!

Carbon Arc takes over Bowlarama!