Our Autumn Sonata: Kicking off the 2016 Fall Season

Hello Carbon Arc readers!

It's Zack (and, by proxy, the rest of the Carbon Arc family). As promised at the end of my 2016 Atlantic Film Festival coverage, we didn't keep you waiting long for the dose of cinematic cure-all that is independent film.

On September 30th, we kicked off our fall series. The Bergmanesque implication of this post's title is no mistake — I think we've got a lineup that can cut through even the most stubborn cases of existential despair that the Swedish master could dream up, and we hope you'll agree. Our opening film was Chevalier; more on that in a minute. It was a pleasure to see faces new and old in the auditorium of the Museum of Natural History at 1747 Summer Street, and the hallway conversations following the film were as enriching as ever. As is custom at the beginning of a season, I'd like to get a few operational notes out of the way so we can get back to our pictures in the dark.


Hopefully by now you've noticed our new website. Along with it, we've launched a new ticketing system that will help streamline your purchases and our inventory tracking, which is what high-tech web professionals that build ticketing systems might call a "win-win". Things have been functioning smoothly so far overall, and we appreciate your patience and feedback in case of any hiccups.

One perk of more manageable ticketing is that we can offer tickets farther in advance. Essentially, as soon as we've confirmed a film and signed on the dotted line, we can get the tickets into your hands. With your coming weeks at the movies successfully planned, you can start telling all your friends to buy their tickets, too (this behaviour is highly encouraged). This goes for sales through the website, as well as at the cinema on Friday nights. Advance paper tickets are a new endeavour for us, but we hope it will be a viable alternative for anyone who isn't quite ready to pull out their credit card and jump on the online shopping bandwagon.

Please remember that the parking lot at Carbon Arc is a paid lot, and that the owners have been known to hand out tickets on screening nights. This is our least favourite reminder, but it's worth it to save our loyal patrons the extra expense. We're still working on a more optimal arrangement, but until then, make sure to stop by the pay station right outside the door on your way in.

Our official writer-in-residence for the previous season was Carsten Knox. I'm happy to confirm that Carsten isn't going anywhere. In fact, he and I will be sharing blogging duties over the coming months, and I think we make quite a team. We'll also occasionally be joined by guest writers who will review the week's screening. Which brings me to my final note...

I said I'd have more on Chevalier, but that was only half true: our first screening is also our first guest review! Long-time Carbon Arc audience member and movie aficionado Nick Malbeuf joins us to share his thoughts on Athina Rachel Tsangari's absurd seafaring comedy.

That's all for now. The Fits, a bold and energetic debut from an exciting American filmmaker named Anna Rose Holmer, is the next film in the series. Tickets are on sale now for two screenings, at 7pm and 9pm on October 7th. See you there!