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Canadian Animated Shorts

  • Carbon Arc Cinema 1747 Summer Street Halifax, NS, B3H 3A6 Canada (map)

Once Upon A Mountain

Richard Reeves | 3m | 2014 | Creston, BC

Based on a true story of camping in the Canadian Rockies.


Julian Gallese | 3m | 2014 | Canada


Would You Rather

Gail Noonan | 1m | 2013 | Mayne Island, BC

Based on a radio segment written by Jonathan Goldstein, a son phones his parents to ask them if they would rather have a...

More Sensitive

Gail Noonan | Music by Kim Darwin | 2m | 2003 | Mayne Island, BC

A topsy-turvy trip to a hotel bar where a performer valiantly strikes the evening's first piano chord. Does he have the self-obsession necessary to survive his audience's indifference? This short piece shot on film is a kaleidoscope of experimentation.

4 New Messages

Tori Fleming | 2m | 2015 | Halifax, NS

Voicemails left on the wrong phone are re-imagined in this short stop motion animation.

Dog Sitting in Eastern Passage

Martha Cooley | 2m | 2013 | Halifax, NS

Through a series of animated still photographs the landscape of Eastern Passage, NS comes alive in this short personal reflection on lost love.


Emily Hughes | Animated by Evan DeRushie | 4m | 2015 | Toronto, ON

Overwhelmed with the world around her, a woman reconnects with her inner child through play on a swing set.


Chad VanGaalen | 22m | 2014 | Calgary, AB

Translated log of inhabitants. Filmed in a garage.

Doodle Du Jour

Janice Schulman | 3m | 2015 | Toronto, ON

Meditation and animation meet to reveal inner longings and desires.


Amy Lockhart | 5m | 2014 | Canada

Jessica is stuck in the house with her baby. A paper puppet and cut out animation.

And When Alone Repeat

Becka Barker | 5m | 2016 | Halifax, NS

Rotoscoped animation tracing the movements of cameras whose images were generated without a filmmaker's eye.

When We Were Poor

Lynn Matheson | 1m | 2016 | Halifax, NS

An exploration of what was left behind after Judy passed away.

A Horse Throat

Jenna Marks & David Barlow-Krelina | 2m | 2014 | Halifax, NS

A horse in a quiet cafe breaks the silence with an unstoppable cough.

Blue Fish

Karen Chan | 3m | 2015 | Toronto, ON

Five little white fish live under the shadow of a big blue fish. A stop motion animation about fear, ghosts and the enemies in our heads.