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Torrey Pines

  • Carbon Arc Cinema Co-op Ltd 1747 Summer Street HALIFAX Canada (map)

Clyde Petersen | USA | 2016 | 60m | PG


A queer punk coming-of-age cross-country adventure taking place in Southern California and set in the early 90s. Based on the true story of Petersen who was raised by a schizophrenic single mother fueled by hallucinations of conspiracy theories and family dysfunction, the story unfolds in a series of baffling and hallucinated events recalled by twelve-year-old Petersen.

Short Before Feature

The Science of Surfing

Ryan Rumbolt, Animated by Juan Pontaroli, Jose Moreno, Ryan Rumbolt, Christine Le, Arm Sattavorn | Nova Scotia | 2019 | 4m

We all know that surfing requires incredible skill, but there's also a lot of science involved. This video explains just that.